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# 3 terrible "feature"
10-20-2011, 08:30 PM
Crafting is supposed to be a way to bypass the economy altogether.


isn't the dilithium price of Mk (whatever) items already too expensive?
STO team is going to punish those of us who were smart enough to collect samples and work our way up through leveling the crafting with a "Here ya go. it's going to cost you approximately seventeen Brasillian times as much to craft this item as it would to effing get it through grind festing."

Come on, Guys. this is just a slap in the face on top of the rest of the Tribble Tomfoolery. I am beginning to think that Tribble is actually a testbed to see if the forums still work or not.

conceptual fail, this should not have made it from brain to mouth of whomever the genious was that suggested it. . .

this didn't even need to be tested. WTF were you guys thinking?
just . . . . i don't even know what to say. if I were in your office I would kick you out and make you go wait in the break room and think about how much fail you were and if i was going to fire you.