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Hi folks!

I don't understand the need to put the dilithium into the crafting system at all. . . If you think that things are too easy for us crafters, then think again! I craft for an entire fleet, I spend most of my time grinding looking for particles as it stands now. . . If this is what your going to do. . . I believe I will be forced to leave and find a better game!

I believed in you Cryptic! I am a Lifer, and have purchased many ships and items in the C-Store. I believed that you were really after making this game more fun and more facinating to play. The Doff system, and hourly missions are a nice addition in my view, but Now you JACK me and my fellow crafting folks with this. . . What are we suppose to think your doing? This IS NOT making the game better!

You have already made the crafting system next to WORTHLESS! I used to be able to craft the BEST items at the TOP of their Level class, this was the motivation to become a crafting person in the first place!, But now we can only make the Bottom of each level class until we reach Admiral Upper Half. . . NO ONE TENDS TO BUY THE BOTTOM LEVEL CLASS ITEMS! if they have the money for the top. So who do you expect us to market to? The folks who can't afford the best and so you have effectively taken out the motivation to become a craft person.

Given the choice captains will buy the Top of the level items over the Bottom. And now we can't even make TOP of level items. . . So you have already set us crafting folk back enough! We already will not be able to sell as many items because we can't even Make any that most captains are looking for!

And if this is coming down from your F2P partner company, then tell them we Trekers are NOBODYS FOOL, and will only take being Screwed like this for a little while before we go give ANOTHER COMPANY our money. . .

Lifers tend to spend more money proportionally than many other types of paying folks. . . Not that they don't spend a lot also, but come on, if your really trying to make the game approachable, and fun to play, then you just went the wrong direction totally!

Please Don't make this crafting any harder than it is! Make us get particles, create crafting missions to unlock special unique crafting items, and more items at each level, but Please Don't make us have to gather dilithium as well, PLEASE! I am tired already from hours upon hours of particle hunting, let alone going out to do once per day dilithium missions as well. . . When did this game become My JOB and not a fun game? . . . This is just Stupid.

I have a REAL life outside this game where I make my REAL Money that you folks WANT. We all can't log on every day to do ALL these daily dilithium missions, let alone finding the amounts necessary to create purple very rare items you now require. To use in our Fleet events, to buy higher level ships, while also outfitting our own multiple ships that we had to BUY at YOUR C=Store! All in a Trek Universe where people in Starfleet don't even use money. How does this even make sense?

I thought that you would be making more Wonderful content which is what you do so well, not trying to slow us down and make EVERYTHING harder, how can we still call this fun playing your game? . .

So it sure looks like we are getting LESS for MORE of our Money! Please go back to the Cryptic that we have come to respect and Love! Please. . . Keep the game fun through innovation, by making it bigger, more creative, and by taking us to new wonderful places on new adventures , not by hacking the game up and making everything harder and less fun.

And Please tell that Free 2 Play Company that this doesn't Look very FREE!

Thanks for your time to read this ALL!
This has been a plea,
from Tiger