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10-21-2011, 12:44 AM
Here is an idea. I Kinda see why they want to add dilithium to some crafting. I agree with most here though that its a bad move overall. First of all no one as a fleet crafter will even consider using their own dilithium to help out a fleet mate with a simple thing that they can do themselves. This is further split it into a one person game....
Most gear in crafting is FINE without dilithium. The balance is FINE in terms of work VS reward IMHO on crafting.

You need to ADD a new upper end tier of gear. Purple Mark XII with extremely high accuracy. PVP focused weapons that have a slightly higher dps than MK XI, but has say a higher than normal accuracy and crit for those pvpers...make those cost like 20 percent less dilithium than the regular items.

If you go too far on dilithium on crafting you will cause alot of people not to craft at all and play this only like once a month. Most people stay in MMO's in the end for two things:
Community ( Fleet actions and comradarie)
Competition / Cooperation (Simple PVP and "Veteran" Players helping out)

If you do crafting this way it will killing Fleet crafting and take an important element out of Fleet operations, which is one LESS thing to keep players here.
Just my two cents but viable for sure. Please, I hope you guys looked at the repercussions of making a value too blanket.