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10-21-2011, 01:38 AM
You should try it mate ,,, bf games are quality more team based than cod ,,, medic ***** ftw , hehe ,,, mw3 looks the same as mw2 they have been using that engine since time began lol ,, but bf3 plays well movment seems faster then bfbc2 ,, in fact i might jump on that later and get back into the bf way ,,,,,

The only thing that will take me to cod is SnD ,, man i just love it ,, me and my old team used to just domanate it all day long ,,, hax hax hax cry and dry ur eye lol ,,, i just hope its going to be servers and not that newbie p2p console bob way ,,,

But may have to bring back TeaM^ReZ ,,,, good times