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10-21-2011, 01:59 AM
Originally Posted by Shadow_mane2001 View Post
The Below is Copied from the F2P Blog 11

The Dilithium currency is something that we think many starship captains will never need in quantity. If you enjoy playing the episode story line, getting your crew decked out with moderate gear, and so on, you may not need a single unit of Dilithium. The only exception might be the expense of Captain and Rear Admiral ship upgrades for Silver players, which may require a few hours of Dilithium mission play.

You just contradicted yourselves. Now we will need large amounts of Dilithium for all our characters because in order to craft ANYTHING of great quality we have to turn ALL our characters into Crafters. Because we can not trade Dilithium between ourselves.
Not a contradiction. I have emphasized the key word you seem to have missed. That most of the people complaining on the forums seem to have missed, not only in conversations about adding Dilithium to crafting, but in nearly every conversation involving Dilithium on the boards: Many players, probably most players, really anyone who "enjoys playing the episode story line," will be extremely successful and satisfied with moderate gear. I haven't hit PvE content yet which required high-end gear (you forum posters have kept me scared away from the STFs so far), and for the Normal versions (not the Elite versions) of the STFs they're rolling out, they've said you won't need high-end gear to succeed, either.

Crafting isn't required. Dilithium isn't required. Not for moderate (read: normal) gameplay. Dilithium is required, is going to be required, to obtain the high-end gear. That's what it's there for - moderating the availability of high-end gear.

Every complaint I've heard about Dilithium so far is from people who don't want to have anything (not time and effort, and especially not money) between them and their high-end gear. Shouldn't the best of the best gear be rare? Shouldn't it represent an accomplishment? Preferably an accomplishment of the character using it? Have some pride, people. You complainers are generally the most skilled and accomplished players in the game, min/maxing everything, dedicated to using the best gear and the best strategies, to playing the most difficult parts of the game over and over, preferably on the highest difficulty setting! Play at the level of skill you represent, earn the gear for the characters you play, and have fun doing it!