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10-21-2011, 05:00 AM
trading dilithium would up the refined dilithium limit to ateast 48k per account (6 characters each refining 8k) Which is alot.

A better method is since the items are not bound, you can trade those items over from other character. Right now on Holodeck I'm grabbing all Pre-STF Best in slot items for my science healer and engineer tank.

I'm a theorycrafter, and I've created setups for the Escort MVAM to being the best DPS boat in the game with skills, doffs, boffs and so on. Unfortunately, there is no datamine or theorycraft website for STO so this cannot be done with deep testing.

Back to dilithium, the limits on dilithium gear I can live with, but not crafting. If they want to fix the energy credits issue, they should consider adding a crafting fee per item that costs Energy Credits.