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10-21-2011, 06:54 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I am terrible at Shooters, unfortunately.

I used to play DukeNukem against my neighbor via nullmodem (serial port to serial port!). He always won. But he had the better PC, so I claimed it was just because his game ran more smoothly he was winning. So we switched places. He still won.

Only FPS-like game I was good at was Descent. People really are not that great at comprehending full 3D. Which is probably why they don't make games like it anymore.
I know the feeling. I suck at shooters on the pc. Put me on a console though and the story changes dramatically. Twitch aiming is not aiming. Console sticks more accurately represent the effort required to use a weapon, and turn with it.

I'm not super awesome at shooters, on the console mind. I can hold my own. But my skill has always revolved around piloting. Be it ACs in Armored Core (which is also where I honed my toon building skills. The customization in AC is truly endless. Not this shallow experience that mmos offer but I digress), Driving cars stupid fast in games or in real life, or Aircraft in Ace Combat etc. I can do this almost equally well on the pc or console. I will agree most people's spacial awareness is utterly terrible. When I first started playing STO, you could imagine my disappointment that one of my downward slashing moves, guns blazing just wasn't possible due to the limited z axis... with the devs playfully saying at the time that the game tech couldn't handle a full Z. Later of course as people conintually rebutted that statement due to the tech obviously being in Champs, they said more or less it's because they felt their players were too stupid to handle a full Z, or even just a 90 degree Z.

The real reason of course is not only they feel their players are too dumb. (as evidenced by numerous water down, lowest common denominator changes since) But they also want the Horrible Cruiser pilots that can't live otherwise to be able to abuse a blind spot in the very limited Z that we have in sto.

If only this were Ace Combat, or one of my other flight games I could put those punk want to be cruisers in their place with superior control by being able to easily reverse their move against them. But no... we have a game instead where he that goes up first, and has beams is going to realistically stay out of your prime arc.

If someone's wondering just how much better could we move with a true Z or even 90 degree Z, those of you that have seen me fly, just double it. Everything I do movement wise, you can practically double and that's what we'd have. STO movement, is utterly slow for me due to a lack of Z.