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10-21-2011, 02:39 PM
I've been big on crafting in every game I've played that allowed it. Thus far I've been fairly disappointed with the crafting system in STO. Mostly this is because in most other games (WoW, NWN, even Sims:Medieval) the "high end items" are some of the best in the game. Also, they require patterns/recipes/whatever which are difficult to come by, but require very little actual money to craft (outside of money spent buying reagents from other players if you don't feel like farming it yourself). Basically, anything that can be crafted here can be bought for only dilithium with the exception of the Aegis set (and the bonuses are different). Basically this replaces a portion of the dilithium cost with crafting components.

Instead of increasing the cost of manufacturing these items, perhaps increasing the rarity by making them more difficult to learn might be a better approach. Also, adding more "unique" gear then a single ship-based set might be nice too. Unless of course, as someone said earlier, the goal is to make crafting useless.