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# 1 Tricobalt Ruined
10-21-2011, 01:55 PM
Ok so now you can use your torpedo buffs on the tricobalt. Because of this Cryptic has made it so that standard device is now weak. I was getting my original damage of 20k+ when using HY3 but when I fire it off without a buff it barely comes close to a photon torpedo. In a mission today I got 34k damage under HY3. Waited for the cool down then fired it again without a buff and it critted for only 2000!!!!!

I am sorry but tricobalts are the strongest torpedo in the game and a standard tricobalt device should at least give me a steady 10k non crit when I am spec'ed up in them as well. I'd rather have the old non-buffable tricobalt then this new weak POS. If this tricobalt setting goes live I will be replacing it with a beam bank or something. I have one HY torp buff. Im not going to waste it on a destructible heavy torp. I save that for my quantums.

Please bring back the old tricobalt or make it so that a standard device does what it says its supposed to and do 14k damage as a standard device.