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10-21-2011, 07:44 PM
Well they reduced that down even on the holodeck not too long ago. its only got a 1 minute cool down.

Here is one of those things that people just tried to find something to whine about. Here was a torpedo high risk in using huge rewards if successful but it didnt respond to torpedo buffs. But it was fine the way it was. But Cryptic listened to them and so they made in buffable. now the torpedo is ruined. There is no reason for me to keep it on my ship if doesnt do 10k damage or more every shot. I have a specific strategy with using this torp and now its useless. I might as well put a beam there instead. I can do more damage that way anyways.

I want the old one back. If you want a torp that does lots of damage and is buffable then get yourself a plasma torp. Leave the tricobalt alone.