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10-21-2011, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by Pure_big_mad_boat_man
-I wonder about the combat at the end. Which choice did you make earlier in the mission? This dictates who shows up to assist you at the end. Although the two assisting forces are pretty much equal, just skinned differently. ( I think one has 2 cruisers instead of a battleship, but I should really go back and check this.)

I think I get a false impression of the durability of friendly NPCs since my main toon (with whom I tested this) flies an intrepid refit. So if I see a friendly about to go down in flames I generally have a spare heal to throw at him. I can see how this fight would potentially be frustrating for a high dps escort pilot (for example) once the friendlies are down.
Sorry for not responding to your question. I chose to assist the fleet rather than go back for my away team. I also made a tactical error in the final battle that may have made it worse than it otherwise would have been. In order to try to get rid of some of the reskinned shuttle groups I activated F@W but that just ended up drawing the fire of all the enemies, so I died and by the time I had managed to respawn and head back the "friendlies" had either been destroyed or almost destroyed. If I hadn't done that things might have gone better.

In general I've discovered that the "weakest link" in terms of difficulty is an escort played on elite. The reason being that it's such an unbalanced ship with high damage output but very limited durability. You simply can't survive long enough to complete some difficult encounters. In comparison a cruiser can generally handle more enemy vessels successfully (don't really have much experience with a science ship).

Also, one thing to keep in mind about the fighter groups is they seem really weak, but on elite they can put out a serious amount of damage, and they actually don't die that quickly. So, they can be quite a challenge. It might be safest to either switch the two helping vessels to battleships, which would increase their durability while not really increasing their damage output that much, or you could add a third friendly cruiser.

By the way, I don't know if you've already done this, but it might be good if there was some sort of penalty for not running the blockade. We were told to go in as quickly as possible and not stop for any reason. Maybe something else goes wrong because we chose to stop and assist? Just a thought.