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I have levelled up my vulcan science officer primarily by doing episodes. I'm locked out of episode series that are "out of order", so I was unable to do any cardassian missions until I did all of the romulan missions, including the weekly series. I am assuming that's to make the narrative consistent, especially for new players (?)

My concern is that by the time I finished the romulan episodes I hit RALH, ~lvl 41. I have done only a few patrol missions, replayed one mission and have done no PvP or fleet actions on this character. There are still the cardassian episodes, breen, undine &tc. Is it your intention that we should be at or near max level before players have chewed through all of the episode content? If not, then perhaps lowering the episode rewards is something to consider?

One thing I just realized. I had been playing the DOFF system quite actively. In fact, I blew most of my c-store stipend on DOFF packs I used to nearly fill my roster (~87/100 at last count). Maybe I benefitted more from the XP awards from those than I might have if this was my first go through the game