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# 7 What a frigging shambles..
10-22-2011, 07:47 AM
I finally got access to the Breen missions at Major General 3 (lvl 48), so I finished what I was doing and logged for the night... Logged on this A.M. & with the XP earnt through the completion of Doff assignments leveled to MG4... I began the Breen missions, gaining Lt Gen One along the way.. good-o, I thought, maxed my klink with the Undine missions still to come.... NOPE... not for me anyway...

Why ?? simple... Cold Storage (the final mission in the Breen arc) is bugged (for me).. I got as far as the "activate the consoles to gain access to the Archive" bit... but the frigging Breen guarding them had already activated them.. effectively locking me out from doing so. (Despite being given the option)..

In short.. "Chain locking" story arc missions is yet another stupid idea... One bug & you've had it... stopped dead in your tracks !!!

If Cryptic really insist on "chain locking" missions then do it by "rank"... that way if a bug gets in the way, we can by-pass the mission until it is corrected..

At the very least, take the existing "Featured Episodes" out of the "chain" completely.. There were afterall originally designed to be available starting from an earlier level than where they corrently are...

And yes I know this is F2P test, but in all honesty, do you guys actually think of all the consequences of these changes before you add them, or do you just throw them in hoping that it'll work ??

In conclusion, I have this to say to Cryptic... What a friggin shambles !!

I wholeheartedly apologise if I sound at all "hyper angry".. I'm not... I just care intensely about this game and am not on Tribble just to get the promised "testing-rewards".. I want to help make this game become the best that it can be...

Keep up the great work guys.. Enjoying the Doffs...