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10-22-2011, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by cowkiller75
crafting with is bad now i made the aegis set at almost 19000 dulithum per item is dumb. and weapons being at the same rate. why to much. i blew off every thing i had made in 3 weeks on 3 items and i still dont have everything i need.. the consoles are almost 8000 per item. this will chase away customers. this is a bad idea. i wont craft any more.
It's really bad i hate what they have done to crafting. i can understand if some of the rare things like Aegis get a a chain quest to them will even make the crafting more interesting but not the Dulithum. we already grind for the date samples and Particle Traces why add dulithum to it. this is just making me lose interest in the game.