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10-22-2011, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by pandoraxero View Post
I should also mention that, being bored of the last MMO I played, I've been on a general MMO Hiatus for a year. My character's name is Xero. ...I was honestly surprised it was available, my shortname usually isn't. Certainly a welcome change for me.
Welcome to the game and to Ten Forward. As a member of the 10F Welcoming Committee I present your complementary monogrammed straight jacket.

Some background on character names in STO and CO. Cryptic uses a different method for character names. Instead of the character's name being the unique identifier Cryptic made the account name (@handle) the unique identifier. So, you can have, Xero@pandorazero, Xero@mizarone, Xero@Captain_Revo, etc