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10-22-2011, 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by adml_shake View Post
I thought it was on the Eng. reports at some point. I remember seeing it there, and they've never said it was cancelled so I'm hoping that they either tell us they can't or that it comes out sometime next year.
The Ambassador Class was first reported on the Engineering Reports about a year ago (if not slightly longer). I remember this because I was waiting to purchase STO and I waited forever and just imploded because I wanted to play the game so badly that I went out and bought it.

There is several DEV interviews which reference The Ambassador Class, and in process of developing it for an upcoming update in the near future, however those reports are inaccurate. Captain Logan posted within the last month or so that he has not begun work on the Ambassador Class. Therefore it was not cancelled, it just will never be made....within the foreseeable future.