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So I was on the test realm and noticed that I had a extra 2k in C-store points to spend, so I bought the Venture Class skin to try it out because my favorite ship to use is the Galaxy Dreadnought X. The new look on the ship is amazing. The part that discovered that is not in the info when you buy the Venture Class skin pack is that it adds a 3rd Tactical console to the Dreadnought, YES a 3rd tac console spot. Now my Dreadnoght is rocking 3 purple +24 phaser consoles instead of 2 and it went from base 722dps on my phaser arrays to 820dps, before any buffs. a extra 100 dps, it makes a difference I noticed since I use 6 arrays with 2 torps on the ship, its about time the Dreadnought Assualt class like the Sovy that the 2 of them are in the same class, (Assualt Crusier) got the same amount of consoles. No reason to have to take the Sovy ever out again for extgra firepower, the Dreanought has the same amount plus all the extra goodies, cloak, phaser spinal cannon, 3rd engine. What more do you need. ? im sur ethis post will get some people whining AGAIN that the ship is to over powered, oh well, to bad, suck it up. Here is a tissue for your tears. And for you Klingons, I added the "its got a tail pipe" torp for you cloakers. Have a great day.