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10-22-2011, 10:33 PM
This story progression is going to fail. There are still road blocks currently in the system that will hamper people from progressing if they run into even a single bug that prevents them from completing a mission.

And currently we can't actually report bugs in game so i have no real optimism that we will get any bugs fixed as so many people will not be able to report them. We get zero feedback in the forum so we don't know if the posts we make are being read/dealt with. I feel like our testing time is just a big waste. I say FEEL like, not to imply nothing is being fixed, but when i TRY to report a bug and am denied every time due to "timed out" errors i feel the devs don't really care enough to actually hear about bugs if they can't even resolve the "timed out" feature we are running into. It has been mentioned numerous times and i havn't seen any dev mention of the fact we can't report bugs......that is the point of tribble is it not?