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10-23-2011, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by Sovereign77x View Post
Thank you so much for you kind and generous reviews of the Deadly Intentions mission series. You have made some truly excellent suggestions, and as of this writing I have implemented nearly all of them. The only thing I was a little confused by was your recommendation regarding the mission task. If I understand, you're recommending I specify the location for starting the mission in the first map mission field, so that it shows up as a task on the mission description, is that correct? If this is the case, then I've gone ahead and implemented this suggestion. I've made this change to the third and final mission, so you can tell me if I did it correctly.

Also, a quick FYI about the final mission: it is still in the review stage, and is awaiting its fifth review before it becomes visible to everybody. If it still hasn't received its fifth review before you go to play it, you'll need to register as a reviewer for the mission to be visible.

Thanks again for all your hard work on these reviews. I'm very eager to see what you have to say about the finale!
You are welcome, you earned the review. Your work reflected the level of commitment you have to a good story. That isnít to say I donít like a straight action mission with little dialog, but I do tend to enjoy a good story too. I know there are some that donít. I had my share of players that knock my work because it has too much dialog. So I started putting in a skip dialog button with a summary of what they need to know. It seems to be a popular option. Although I really donít know how much it is used but Iíve received positive feedback about it.

You understood the recommendation correctly. My recommendation was to enter the location in there for first map you transition to from a Cryptic map. A good example of this transition is in your mission when we go from the Sirius Sector Block map (Cryptic) to your Wolf 359 map (Custom).

Donít worry about part 3 not having enough reviews to be seen by the general players. I found it already and will be reviewing it first thing in the morning. Iím looking forward to seeing where the story you created goes next. For now Iím off to bed. I got a mission to review in the morning.