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Originally Posted by opzulu View Post

This is one of my fav. designs equal to the nebula and the intrepid. I may catch flack for that, but I just dont like the bulky and clunkyness of the NCC-1701-D
Nah! Each is own.
I still prefer the Galaxy from some angles but I think it's okay to prefer the Ambassador.
For some reason I missed "Yesterday's Enterprise" when it was first shown on TV in my country so
I only had the side-view in the Encyclopedia to go on.
I was not impressed and considered the ship to be a Galaxy than got stuck in the Death Star's compacotr for a short while.
But since then I've seen that missing episode and also saw the ship in the DS9 Pilot so I like it very much and it went from the bottom of my list to one of the top places, besides the Nebula and only slightly below the Galaxy.
The Ambassador still looks a tiny bit like they tried a little too hard to make her look like a predecessor of the Galaxy and some refinement was missing, at least when I look at the deflector and sensor dome onthe Enterprise-C version.
It felt they tried to make up for that with the Yamaguchi

version and suceeded quite well.
Too bad the only appearances of the Ambassador class on DS9 was in the pilot at which point the ship was only shown on fleet lists in the conference room.

There is a cool bit about the Ambassadors in the Decipher "Starships" book which stated in early confrontations betwen the Dominion and Starfleet before Starfleet knew how to adjust their shields to work against Polaron weapons, Ambassadors still managed to fight JH battlecruisers to a standstill.