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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post

Really I agree with the OP.
The Mission design makes it even more stupid:
Also: its just silliy to arrive with a Fleet at the Vorn system. And who Beams down to the Planet? A bunch of security redshirts? Lead by the Tactical officer of the ship?
Nope. With the man-power of up to 5000 men and women lead by 5 Admirals... the 5 Admirals beam down into the dangerous enviroment. ALONE.

Well, on the other Hand I do not favor taking the "Admiral" rank from those away who want to have it.
The rank should simply be a Title that can be changed at will (well... the way its already possible) but with wich NPCs ADRESS you, too.

That had been suggestet multiple times, and Cryptics reaction was "We would have to Change EVERY SINGEL DIALOG in the game", wich is, IMO obviously, a lie.
The way NPCs adress you is obviously a Script. If I do a Mission as Commander they Adress me as "Commander"; if I do the same mission as Vice Admiral, they adress me as "Vice Admiral". So they just have to change that Script, everybody could keep the Rank he wants and... well (almost) everybody is happy...
Of course there would be still to many Admirals to make it "Realistic", but after all, there are also to many Galaxy-class prototypes, people running arround in Datet uniforms, !?!?!?Pakleds!?!?!? in charge of Strafleet ships, people running arround in Uniforms from other Universes.... If you still can all anything "Ingame" as "Uniform" in the first place.. So scaling the enviroment to any kind of Canon or realism just isnt reasonable anymore.

But beeing able to influence the OWN apperance the way you want, including the Rank, thats not unreasonable I believe...
I totally agree on this.

STO is a mess, canon wise. All Treks are mixed in one place, I personally don't like that. That's why I almost exclusively play solo. That's why I'm totally in favor of being able to influence my own appearance as much as I want. And I don't want to be an "Admiral" because, like we already said, "Admirals" in STO are nothing like Admirals are supposed to be. We always act as Captains so I personally would like to be capped at Captain's rank. Or choose my title appropriately.