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10-23-2011, 12:14 PM
Sounds like a cool idea.
Hangar "pods" could be under the wings like on the current models.

Or perhaps something a bit more unconventional:
The Centauri Battlecruiser from the Babylon 5 show had a hangar in the middle of its forward section

which on the ship you propose coul correspond to the spot where the Vor'cha has its Disrputor cannon.
Why not put one hangar there?

The second could go onto the "back" of the ship once the bridge "box" has removed.
This is actually also from a Centauri ship, allbeit from the "Babylon 5 Wars" tabletop.
One of their destroyers, the Altarian had one hangar on its back

this way it would have the typical two hangar arrangement just not side-by side.

Oh, and something that doesn't have 22nd era nacelles would be preferable.