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10-23-2011, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by Totorox92 View Post
ok, so right now ive got
2 dualhevy phaser canons and 2 quantum torps front and
cluster mine and 2 phaser turrets bak
im in a fleet escort, and im considering switching from cannons and turrets to beam arrays. if i did, my new arangment would be
2 phaser beam array and 2 quantum torp front
and 2phaser beam array and 1 tricobalt back.
would this be a good setup?
i was also considering maybe going
4 phaser array front,
and 3 quantum mine back.
im just not sure what the best setup is.
and yeah id get new bof powers and respec if i switched so thats not a problem.
I dont think youre getting much out of haveing two forward quantums.