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When the players were worried about F2P Hurting Star Trek Online we were told that nothing would change for subscribers so please don't spread "Doom & Gloom"

When we were worried about Dan Stahl leaving we were told that there will be no change in the way Star Trek Online will be operated so please don't spread "Doom & Gloom"

Since both of the above statement are false can we spread "Doom & Gloom" now?
Since what you have done in the last few weeks means that you were lying to us when the fist rumors of STO going F2P and you told us nothing will change.

I would like to believe you when you post answers to hard questions or questions about the changes or non-changes to STO, but by recent history I can't do that anymore.

Almost everyone is against any changes to STO for all subscribers, yet each build you surprise us with another change. Then you say you are "Just seeing how it is received, remember it is a test area" but the changes are not totally revoked.
This is what I think you guys are doing: You are putting these wholesale changes on to Tribble so when you give that tiny little piece back to the game you can try and sneak some other things in. You are taking a great risk with this game and you are treating the players that have stuck behind you for the last year & 9 months very very badly... and the worst part is that you don't see this as a problem.

You are killing this game......

and you wonder why it is all Doom & Gloom, because you have a forum that is saying that if things stay the same they are quitting and you say nothing. This will not go away ...

I'm begging you to put STO back the way is was for the subscribers that have stood by you. If you want to charge for those things, charge the Silver Players, not the Gold!