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10-23-2011, 10:37 PM
as much as i hate to admit it, yeah. They tend to lie a lot about things. Then when called on it they just say "oh well, just deal with it" Even stormshade pulled that card when the Whole LTS debacle started. After every thing they promised to lifers and either didnt accomplish or turned into a vet reward people felt lied to and like they deserved more to which Stormy said "you don't have to pay anymore and you should just be glad for even that" When as he complained about the lifers wanting more the Page about it STILL said More on the way.

Or the Whole no content Droughtonly to stop any and all content until AFTER F2P launches.... or for that matter that the game was even going to F2P, even after the leak.... Or how they weren't going to make it pay to win but now they're taking away the ability to earn ships in game, ships you used to get free for hitting a certain rank, and making them C-store purchses?

Its frustrating, to be a fan of something only to have the people who made it constantly lie to the fans as well as change it in ways that show it's just about the money.

And here i thought George Lucas made the Star wars franchise, not Star Trek Online.....