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Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
i think the op is asking for a real star trek game. a game that has balance and gives rewards and promotions differently. as set in the game you can become a VA in a month of less. Yet there are only a few mentions in star trek lore of starfleet promoting someone to a captain so quickly. even sisko took some time to get promoted to a captain. hell he saved the federation several times but ross never made him a admiral. as a matter of fact janeway was made an admiral because of the extrodinary attributes she brought to the field. she had full tactical knowledge of the borg. she brought back 75% of her skeleton screw and made allies for the federation in another quadrant.

my understanding is that the game is rather to easy on promotion and does not lvl upwards to doing hyper bolic attributes of reward to a RA. in short all you have to do is blast away npc and you can become an admiral. it lacks star trek tac and lore and just encompasses wow function and guild functions to promoting. do a story kill the npc and get promoted due to skill points.

The system should be revamped to show true star trek activity and function but it will not. since launch this STO MMO has had bad direction and still is on the wrong course. The only answer we keep getting from the devs is oh finished a character well do another character.

So you want me as a player to pay for the same old content that is gear towards all the characters. No matter what character i choose the game play will still be the same. the game does not change towards my character.

The game has no essence of star trek or lore of how the federation works. it lacks the KDF abilities and well to be honest there is no direct translation from player t o the war. Cryptic has faked it all for us. its just a holodeck where no matter what we might do wrong there is no penalty or loss in this game. Which in short means this is not star trek but star junk.

There is no star trek game that does not have loss in it. The reason is because if you do not loose anything you will not learn from the mistakes you made. You can not gain knowledge from just button mashing.

instead of letting players tweak gear and consols at the non accesable utopia fleet yards or on their ships understanding how to use tech to make ones ship better we are given gear. spoon fed and the real trek experience is rob from us. hell how many of you remember when the last time jordi asked for quipment from space dock. Or for the matter trip made phases cannons on his ship and installed them rather then go home and have someone else do it.

wow there is so much wrong with this game but again majority of you are like sheep. You dont mind to be feed and given and given. This is just how it is. You dont care how something works just as long as it works. I guess being an engineer in real life makes me have greater expectations for a star trek game.

Oh yeah to those of you who say well this is just a game. well many games i have played teach. Star trek was and is a show but if you look majority of attributes shown in star trek are used in our ever day lives.

data pad. hahaha how many of you have a tablet.
i really like this.

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