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# 784 This Week in Events!! 10-23!
10-23-2011, 10:24 PM

GothamKitty here, picking herself up from getting kicked in the teeth by RL. This week, Lotus Fleet is having some wicked events for Halloween! Check it out!!

TEAM NIGHT TUESDAYS: On Tuesdays at 9:30 pm EASTERN TIME, we'll have a player's choice event, mixing it up some with Events Planner Jaye! What we do depends on who comes, so get on Teamspeak and STO, and get ready to rock! CHECK YOUR CALENDAR FOR TIMES SPECIFIC TO YOUR TIME ZONE!

LOTUS FLEET HAZARD TEAM WEDNESDAYS! The Lotus Fleet Hazard Team will have it's meeting Wednesday at NINE PM EASTERN! Come one, come all and help us show other fleets the REAL power of the flower!!! This will be a practice, leveling, build making type of meeting. Everyone interested in PVP should show. Hosted by Gothamkitty and Battle Lion. CHECK YOUR CALENDAR FOR TIMES SPECIFIC TO YOUR TIME ZONE!

LOTUS FLEET FREAKY FRIDAYS!! We will have a special event: Freaky Fridays on STO! We will do some of the freakiest STO missions around, Skirmish and What Lies Beneath. Be sure to bring some rubber gloves and don’t come if you’re squeamish; dead Cardassians and redshirts are abound. Haunted ships, haunted space stations, and one psychotic hologram… Be afraid. Be very afraid…. Starts at TEN pm Eastern!

LOTUS FLEET SPOOKY SATURDAYS:We will have a special movie night event: Spooky Saturdays! In celebration of Halloween, Gotham has gathered the creepiest, scariest episodes of Star Trek, and we will watch them together on Saturday night, when the moon is full and the witching hour is nigh. These will be Impulse from ENT, Empok Nor from DS9, and Night Terrors from TNG. Be sure to leave the lights on… Starts at TEN pm Eastern!