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10-24-2011, 12:53 AM
Ya know guys, Cryptic has made soem claims that have proven to be a little some cases a LOT less then expected (I play KDF.. boy do I know)

BUT.. and this is a BIG BUT.. we are not even HALF way through the F2P beta and theres is still a lot of changes yet to be made, and a few things may be out right dropped as a bad idea. The Crafting changes have proven to be very unpopular and may need to change.. Several good suggestions have been made through all the vitrol. opefully one or two of them will be implemented.

PLEASE be aware that one of the things they do in this sort of playtest/beta is to throw an exaggerrated version out in front of the "playtest" audience (ie: us!) just to see what everyones reaction will be.

We still have a long way to go yet. the KDF faction must be GTG before F2P launch. The STF missions need to be balanced with the understanding that at this point most of us are indeed expert players, or at the evry minimum very experienced players and what we find simply "hard" or " difficult" may have F2P new to the game players yanking thier hair out and talking to themselves loudly in public and leaving thier freinds and family to wonder if they should call the guys in the white coats.

I am enjoying myself during this play test, and when we get to the end of it I will post an evaluation of what will still need to be worked on, what needs to be dropped, and what could possibly be added to enhance game play. In the mean time I post bug reports in game when I find something that not apparently working right and remeber that Fixit patch come out on Tuesdays if its a game stopper, with additional features patches on Thusday, or friday if its not ready yet.

While I am definatly NOT one of cryptic biggest fans and have been very harshly critical of them in the past (and will be again in the future). I will give credit where credit is due. They're throwing a lot of stuff at us with more to come and the only way to find out if it works.. really works, in game is for us to get our grubby little honds on it and beat on it untill it breaks.. or doesn't break.

The current ecnomic model needs a lot more tweaking before its ready for prime time and once it goes live they need to stand ready to tweak it some more. No matter how much we do with it here on Tribble the real acid test is when it goes live. Honestly, I dont think F2P is going to really be ready before January no matter what Cryptic wants to aim for.. The Goal maybe early December but if STO 2.0 F2P is not ready by then, then its not ready.

And if its not ready I will certainly say so LOUDLY. I may not like everything in the final build before F2P launch, but whats more important is
"Are the game killer bugs squashed"
,"Have the new system integrated well and are they internally consistant and exploit free?"
"Is there sufficient Content for the KDF faction to be on par with the federation play experience"
(on par, not equal, just comprable, do KDF players have as much that they can do)
"Is the economic model easy to understand, internally consistant and not vulnerable to exploitive inflation?"
"Is the crafting system workable and balanced within the greater game"
"Is the skill system working as intended and not giving excessive advantage to any particular class or build?"
"Are the ships balanced and workable within thier tiers?"

And all of what happens now is a set up for the future..
Persistant territorial PvP (ie: the Federation Klingon war!!!!)
Addition of new playable Factions (The Romulans, The Cardassian, The Fouders, The Terran Empire!!!"????)
New featured episode.. (you do realize that at this point they may very well have several dozen ready to go but are waiting on F2P launch before sliding them on us.. which will give them a bit of breating room after f2P launch to work on other dearly wanted features and content.

Its only week 3.. of a two to three MONTH testing period..

SO hang on to your socks.. we are likely through the roughest part allready.. tweaking and balancing right now. We should be seeing some other actuall CONTENT fairly soon. I am just itching to see what they roll out as the new KDF tutorial and mission progression and additions (GAwd I hope KDF gets a couple sector blocks more. We could really use them.. after all the new content has to happen somewhere! and considering the situation vis a vis KDF Marauding and Fed diplomacy the further away from fed spave KDF exploration zones are the happier I will be.. Farm some where else ya lazy pickers!

SO far, while there are issues none of them are a s bad as they could be.. change is happening but they dont have unlimited staff and its simply not feasable for them to pop out a patch and update every day. Not only is several game system undergoing change but the game is actually getting BIGGER! Much bigger... much much bigger.

I really hope they get in there and do something with the captains table... place is kinda wasted code at the moment.