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10-24-2011, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by Faulgor View Post
Thank god they are finally changing things. Things they wanted to do from the start. I can't see what you are complaining about.

I don't see anything that has been changed exclusively for subscribers in a game-breaking way. All changes are changes of the game mechanics themselves, which do and should happen in any MMO. Read your terms of use.
Stuff taken away from Subscribers:
The 2 T-3 ships being put into the C-Store (Excelsior & Nebula)
1 Free VA Refit
Delta Flyer Mission, the one so you can get the Delta Flyer after doing 10 missions.

These are items in the game now that are FREE to subscribers that will only be in the C-Store when it goes F2P.

We were told we wouldn't lose any content, the Delta Flyer mission is content and a way to get the Delta Flyer for Free.

I don't see why they are doing all of this. When they made Champions F2P there was NO CHANGE in anything for the subscribers. One day it was a subscription Game, the next it was F2P. There were no items that they were getting for free before the switchover that when into the C-Store, But we are having at least 5 items going into the C-Store right off that bat.

If this isn't taking something away then you & I have a different meaning of taking away.....

I love this game and all it looks like to me is that Cryptic wants to have it's subscribers up in arms because each week we talk about how we were told nothing would change. What they are doing is making a large change that they know will get alot of pushback from us, that is so when they give a little of is back they get what they wanted in the first place. Case in point , buying of your ship when promoted. They had all ships had to be bought, then they gave back most, but kept the VA ships out of what they gave back which is what they probably wanted in the first place......

Bottom Line is that the only thing that should change for the subscribers is the conversion to the new currency, NOTHING ELSE SHOULD CHANGE!
If anything else is changed then we have been lied to once again.