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10-24-2011, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by Kyias View Post
please, no more tiered content.

I like playing with lower level players, meeting new people and overall just having a good time. If you want to be all hardcore about the RA's...get yourself your own damn pre-made together and go all hardcore together.

No need to make it MORE difficult for players to have reasons to play together, seriously.
I agree with you regarding not restricting content to certain tiers but I have to say, I'd love the chance to run a preformed group through these. I need Orellius victory on two of my VAs and every group I end up with has had more than enough firepower to defeat the command ship but then two will start farming probes and it all goes to hell pretty quickly. They could at least focus on the regen probes so that those of us who need the accolade in there can get it.
And there wasn't a single low level player to be seen so it wasn't their fault, just lots of selfish RA/VA players.