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10-24-2011, 03:09 AM
Originally Posted by psytce View Post
Stuff taken away from Subscribers:
The 2 T-3 ships being put into the C-Store (Excelsior & Nebula)
1 Free VA Refit
Delta Flyer Mission, the one so you can get the Delta Flyer after doing 10 missions.

These are items in the game now that are FREE to subscribers that will only be in the C-Store when it goes F2P.

We were told we wouldn't lose any content, the Delta Flyer mission is content and a way to get the Delta Flyer for Free.
The big problem I see with this sort of view point (as well as many others expressing similar view points) is that Free To Play does not equal Free To Run. Servers cost $$$. Data Center space costs $$$. Network connectivity costs $$$. IT support costs $$$. Development costs $$$. And, in the case of this game, licensing costs $$$.

The fact that things that used to be free under a subscription model are now going to cost $$$ under a free to play model shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. And yet, some seem to think that free to play is a one way street. Generation Entitlement I guess *shrug*. The ownership changed, and the business model changed... so guess what, part of things in the game changed too. Some proclaim this isn't "fair", but it's life. You can adapt and roll with the changes, or chose not to and be miserable.

Originally Posted by psytce View Post
If this isn't taking something away then you & I have a different meaning of taking away.....
Really, that's the basis of being all worked up, 2 additional ships, a shuttle, and a free token? If you're running as a free to play account, that's what, maybe $40 of C-Store points in your example? Which would be a little under 3 months of a subscription fee under the old system.

Originally Posted by psytce View Post
Bottom Line is that the only thing that should change for the subscribers is the conversion to the new currency, NOTHING ELSE SHOULD CHANGE!
If anything else is changed then we have been lied to once again.
Yes, and society should have chased that trouble making Henry Ford out of town and off the continent. Along with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. CHANGE IS BAD! ::