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10-24-2011, 04:29 AM
Dilithium limits should not concern you!

Why? You are already equipped with your best gear, needing no dilithium what so ever. The gear you should be focusing on is the MK XI and MK XII itemization from the Kellerun/Elite Force/Honor Guard vendors, which require Salvaged Tokens and not dilithium. Later down the line the dilithium problems will get addressed. Cryptic will need evidence to see this strongly effecting new players. In the mean time those who are already got their Pre-Elite STF BiS gear, you're dilithium should not effect you until MK XIII & XIV.

Making money from crafting?, don't worry switch your money making to Trade Assignments, learning up to 4 times what you spend on getting resources.

Originally Posted by Rainbowboy View Post
Why can't my sovvy have 5x Dual Heavy Cannons and 1x Torp up front and say 10 tac slots...?
That'd be deadly...
The exaggeration is an exaggeration in it self I hope?

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The ships that you need to pay for now aren't very OP at all. Some of the consoles are really gimmicky and not particularly powerful.
Indeed, the only powerful Consoles there is are MVAM, Quad Cannon, Plasma Distribution Manifold, Auto Turret and when used properly Shockwave Torpedo.