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10-24-2011, 04:20 AM
Originally Posted by Heezdedjim
For the statistically challenged, the chance of getting at least one hit on three rolls of a 30% chance is 65%. That means about 2 times in 3 when you use BFI, you get a bonus TSS proc after you use it. And keep in mind, you only get this if you use up THREE of only FIVE active roster slots in order to get the maximum stacking on one active roster ability like this.
Can you confirm that 3 doffs of this type is the cap? The reason I have only 3 slotted is that I only have 3 with this ability.

according to your link, with the chance of 0.3 and 6 trials, the chance of 1 proc should be 0.88

if you replace the doffs with blue ones giving 40%, the chance is 0.95

it may even be that the system has purple doffs with this ability, giving 50% chance of proccing. This would lead to a 98,4375% chance of a proc. That means the shield recharge would fail less than 2 times in 100 tries... That's better odds than the UI gives us due to misfiring buttons...

With purple boffs, even the chance of getting 3 procs at once is 65%!!! (and yes, you can get more than one at a time) That's a 65% chance of a single 1148 heal, AND a 65% chance of a 6630 HoT

-------------in play--------------

Yes, you use up 3 of 5 doff slots, but what else could you use them for? A BoP or a sciship would find the Tractor drain guy useful, but that's only one slot, right? And the chance of sligthly reducing recharge of EPtoX is hardly worth mentioning.... In short, most doffs I've seen are very inefficient, while these BFI guys are super efficient!