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10-24-2011, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by Dimitris_Botonis
OK, I had started a thread a year or so ago with the same request, but as Season 5 and new content is along the way, I can't resist to bring back the same issue: THERE ARE TOO MANY ADMIRALS AND GENERALS IN THE GAME!

I am a VA, and I am scanning rocks. I face off against Klingon Generals all the time. This isn't normal. I don't command a fleet, and I don't want to. I command a single starship.

What will the next rank be? Fleet Admiral? Really? There is only ONE Fleet Admiral in Starfleet.

Something MUST be done. Demote us! Just like Kirk in the 4th film. He was an Admiral, he hated it, and he was busted back to Captain.

The devs can tie that demotion to the endgame content: you can have a fallout with Starfleet Command. It happens all the time in the shows and the films. Maybe even steal the new Odyssey-class starship prototype (PLEASE, let us steal the Enterprise!).

Alternatively, it might even be a choice at the end of a mission: become a fleet admiral (and receive an X set of abilities) or return to the rank of Captain (and receive a different ability set).

Yes, I know I can use the title "Captain" for my character. I don't want a title. I want it to be my actual rank.

Is it too much to ask?
Just go and edit yourself to call yourself Captain... :p