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10-24-2011, 08:40 AM
What I really like is an overflow bag for DOffs. So I can complete recruitment missions and see if I get any good ones without having to delete any of the ones I already have. And if the left part of the Request Dufty Officer tab was our Roster and we could compare the new ones in the overflow bag in the right column and move DOffs between the two that would make it much easier to administrate. Then we could get the option to empty the bag or go to the exchange and put them up for sale.

I would also like them to be possible to put in fleet bank slots. And for them to show some more information such as rank, species, gender when we hover with the cursor over them in addition to the specialization bonuses.

There should be some search criteria in the exchange for faction so I can search only for KDF DOffs/BOffs if I want to and don't want to drown in FED search results.