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not too be too off topic:

What does probe farming gain a VA?
There are accolades for destroying 200 ships in each sector, with another accoalde for gaining all the accolades in all the sectors (2 in each IIRC, Defeat 200 ships and a victory in each sector). There are also accolades for defeating all 10 command ships and an overall accolade for destroying 2000 Borg ships, regardless of location although they have to be destroyed in a Borg DSE and not one of the gamma orionis DSEs which are different (unfortunately).
For some reason you'll tend to find people grinding the accolades by destroying the probes rather than accumulating them through multiple runs through in each sector, not such an issue in Sirius but a nightmare in Orellius as the lack of firepower from all the cruisers makes them borderline at best but when one runs off to fight probes everyone else loses out.