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10-24-2011, 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
Can you confirm that 3 doffs of this type is the cap?
I have more than three of more than a couple specialties, and I have never been able to slot more than three of a particular specialty (i.e., you can't stack more than three chances for a given proc).

according to your link, with the chance of 0.3 and 6 trials, the chance of 1 proc should be 0.88
Three DOFFS = 3 chances, not 6. Each DOFF gets rolled once, at the chance stated in his description. You're not going to get multiple rolls from one DOFF; he either does all the things he says he can do, or he does nothing. And again, this is only a chance that gets rolled at the completion of some other action, which has it's own cooldown (in this case, BFI). So it doesn't just proc randomly on its own, and the maximum uses are gated by the CD of the ability it's tied to.

Since the effect is random and gated by another ability, what seem like reasonably powerful effects are of somewhat limited tactical use, since you can deploy them on demand. And you still have only five slots; you just blew three of them to get a 2/3 chance of this one effect; which might be a good effect, but it is what it is. There are a lot of these effects on DOFFs, all of which will have "some" effect on game play, and all of which will probably have different effects in different combinations. But most of them are going to turn out to be pretty marginal in practice, due to the way they're gated.

(That said; people do seem to be pretty impressed by tripled Gravity Wells, which are possible more often than not if you stack three Gravimetric Scientists.)

Ultimately, on this effect, you're still just talking about another copy of TSS that you can't fire on demand, but that goes off accidentally 2/3 of the time when you use BFI. I'm not sure how it compares with what rank of TSS, but I suspect it's not close to the effect of a properly skilled copy of the BOFF skill. It's a nice to have, but nothing suggests it is OP (yet).

With purple boffs, even the chance of getting 3 procs at once is 65%!!! (and yes, you can get more than one at a time) That's a 65% chance of a single 1148 heal, AND a 65% chance of a 6630 HoT
Again, I'm pretty sure that DOFFs of the same type cannot double proc. You can increase the chances of a single proc going off by stacking them, but I don't think you have any chance to get two or three of them.