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10-24-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
Yes, you use up 3 of 5 doff slots, but what else could you use them for? A BoP or a sciship would find the Tractor drain guy useful, but that's only one slot, right? And the chance of sligthly reducing recharge of EPtoX is hardly worth mentioning.... In short, most doffs I've seen are very inefficient, while these BFI guys are super efficient!
Warp Core Engineer seems fairly appealing for anyone; I have not seen a lot of them around yet. That one gives a chance of +15 to all power levels on use of any EPtX ability (I think for 10 seconds, but I'm not sure). There are ones that reduce the recharge on ET / A2SIF as well. None of them are truly amazing yet. But you have five slots, so a little chance of a little something extra or a little reduced cooldown on something you use all the time is better than nothing.

I have an EMH in one of my space slots at the moment, which increases crew regen when crew is below 75%. Whoopee. That's probably one of the most useless effects out there, in general, but what else do I have to slot? Nothing any better than that, for that particular slot, yet. I don't use any of the science powers, so none of those buffs are useful. And some of the power are truly, deeply pointless, like the one that reduces recharge on Target Subsystem abilities; sadly one of only about two or three even marginally useful tac buffs.