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10-24-2011, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Jollyrogers
Another issue/problem with the forced episode path is that the Borg space (Gamma) doesn't appear to unlock until you hit that part. I leveled up to VA just running Doff missions and the Mirror Universe invasions, but can't access the transwarp gate to Gamma.
I totally agree, I waited until I was almost VA to start the episodes, not only does the transwarp gate not unlock but its SILLY that the devidian missions are the first ones that start the series. I am in the midst of the episode from the admiral at ESD , and I am getting rewards that are USELESS to me at the level I am at. Plus I can't do ANY of the deferi dailys thus limiting the amount of dilithium that I can obtain.

I don't know WHAT cryptic reason was for doing that but this I know for sure is that if you limit people's freedom to play as they want, you wind up promoting bad behavior OR even worse leaving the game entirely. Admittedly there have to be some rules so as to keep it fair for all players, but saying that you HAVE to play the episodes in a certain order is counter intuitive. Also it serves to PUNISH the players that don't by not allowing them access to the dailies so that they don't have to pvp just to get the dilithium to get better gear.