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10-24-2011, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
You dont deserve it.
If you look through this Threat you'll see that Palmera obvioulsy believes that ONE poster spaming the same thing again and again (without adding anything new) outnumbers the MANY posters who make their point once, and believes insulting EVERYBODY posting another opinion is good proof of being right...

And seriously, you cant take someone seriously that states that dont behave like captains but like admirals if we beam down as a 5-man-team of ADMRIALS without support into a dangerous enviroment.

In short, ignore him and dont feed the Troll.
yes thats it, im insulting everyone and putting in facts that no one listens to and have a bunch of people that is going off the right side over spilled milk is getting annoying. but hey you just got yourself reported for trolling so its all fair and war right.