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Originally Posted by Palmera
just a FYI SF doesnt scape most its navy. miranda's were still in service. soyuz was decommissioned before the peace talks, as it wasnt they good of a design anyway. peace talks with the klingons were in the 24th century while the soyuz was decommissioned in the late 23rd. with the development of transwarp drive and cloaking drives. also in the movie series (undiscovered cont.)
Excuse me for not being more specific, I was referring to the Khitomer Accords, in 2293 (Undiscovered Country) that brought the "cold war" with the Empire to an end. While it's true the treaty allying the UFP and Klingon Empire wasn't hashed out until the 2340s, at least ("20 years" ago, in TNG), the first round of talks began at the end of the 23rd century (Undiscovered Country).

But, in Undiscovered Country, they specifically say that disarmament was being pushed ("the dismantling of our space stations and starbases along the Neutral Zone" as Spock says, and downsizing Starfleet was the next issue brought up among the admirals). Those are the "peace talks" I was referring to.

i swear does any body putting arguments follow up on star trek lore? or do you guys just say stuff not reading in between the lines. cause ill say it again. this ship in ST lore was decommissioned and there was never a refit or retrofit of it. the ones built were either destroyed in combat or scrap for better use else where. and they never left federation space unless on a order of operation pertaining to they post.
Speaking of following up on ST lore: this was never stated on screen. All they said was the Soyuz class had been "out of service for 80 years," which given Season 5's year of 2368 would be around 2288. Since Geordi didn't give an exact number of years (he could have rounded up/down as people often do when speaking off the cuff), then my admittedly non-canon backstory for the class still has some wiggle room. And, besides, I'm not asking anyone to endorse it, I was just contributing to the theoretical debate.

And there's no need to be rude.