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Originally Posted by Palmera
huge FYI. if you take some time you would notice that a Soyus class is in the task force sent to assist the USS Enterprise E during nemesis. all you have to do is Q up all the names. the federation still use the ships. they just dont build them anymore. some however were decommissioned. just saying just cause you didnt see it on the big screen doesnt mean true star trek fans didnt do they home work. i wanted to know the ships in the task force so i fired up the ship names and registry numbers and sure enough i got what i wanted to know. there is what is called "behide the scenes" lore which generoddeny bury and others have created in books in such.

thus if you really like to say im wrong and being rude when telling you the facts. perhaps you should do all your home work so i dont have to tell you how it is, while being a bit "rude" while doing so. be happy i didnt call you stupid like most people where im from. i know people make mistakes, but please sir if your going to call someone out make sure you have the facts. soyus are used by the federation as patrol ships. bottom line. the motion pictures told us that.
Are you talking about this? ...'cause there's no Bozeman or Soyuz on that list, and there's only Starfleet symbols representing the ships.

They did mention the name "USS Bozeman" in both ST: Generations and ST: First Contact (since writer Brannon Braga was born in Bozeman), but it was not seen on screen, so, as people have discussed above, we have no way of telling if that was the same ship as seen in "TNG: Cause and Effect." Nor do we know what their normally assigned duties are from the dialogue in either movie.

And, yes, I do count myself as lucky that you didn't call me stupid. Thank you.