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10-24-2011, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by G-Dawg1
Are you talking about this? ...'cause there's no Bozeman or Soyuz on that list, and there's only Starfleet symbols representing the ships.

They did mention the name "USS Bozeman" in both ST: Generations and ST: First Contact (since writer Brannon Braga was born in Bozeman), but it was not seen on screen, so, as people have discussed above, we have no way of telling if that was the same ship as seen in "TNG: Cause and Effect." Nor do we know what their normally assigned duties are from the dialogue in either movie.

And, yes, I do count myself as lucky that you didn't call me stupid. Thank you.
one of those ships are a soyus class. but all those ships there are better models than the believed bozeman.

ill do more research on the bozeman when i get the time. some articles i found on it can be conflict with one another. but thats hostory and gaming lore for you. to add remember that ship came thru a rift of some type too. so its hard to judge what really happen over what we say could/did happen.