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10-24-2011, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by Presticus View Post
Personally I think the Challenger, Freedom, and (to a lesser extent) the Niagara classes are some of the ugliest ships Star Trek has come up with.

That said, there are only so many ship classes to pull from the shows and movies, and these ship do have their fans. So I'm going to surprise even myself and admit that I support this idea. And hey, even though Star Trek only has one undisputed miracle worker, maybe Capt. Logan can create an alternate skin for these ships that would make them look good.
Several points here in my post relate back to everyone's comments, But Mr. Presticus mostly sums up my feelings on this.

I think that the single naccelle ships and the Niagra are the most hidesous ship designs to ever come out of the Paramount SFX shop. I think that the if the thrid naccelle under the secondary hull of the Niagra was removed, then I would be one of the loundest supporters of that ship being added to the game right along side the New Orleans and the Springfield.

Yes, Gene Rodenberry did have a general premise for ship designs, one of which was that all engines come in pairs.

While I despise the Freedom, Challenger/Buran, and the Niagra, I will not begrude those who want to fly around in one. I will just ignore those ships. I will support having these ships added, I just hope they come AFTER the Yeager/Intrepid varient is added.

P.S. I have aquired two Maquis Radier models, and after assembleing one, I will kitbash the other to make the Yeager/Intrepid varient. However, I will deviate in that I will attach the wing pylons so that they are up and backswepted instead of forwards and down swepted.