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# 1 Sci/Sci ship build help
10-24-2011, 10:15 PM
OK, i've been poring over forums and data for nearly two weeks now. Got a build together, at least i thought. In the beginning it was working out very well, but now that i'm RA5 it just feels like i'm hitting with wet paper. I went with a drain/torp build. But i seem to have a lot of heals, and no umph. I'm not looking to top charts, but i'd like to feel a little more useful. My heals hit for low, and my drains feel like they don't do anything.

It looks like i could do a lot, but unable to do anything well. Please, i could use a better build. Looking to be the big pain in the butt in pvp, but decent in pve with either dps or support. Only playing one character, so it needs to be able to do both pvp and pve depending on what my fleet is up to. Mostly space stuff.

Please for the love of God, if i see any message that says, "There is no best, pve is anything you want and get by" crap, i think i'm gonna scream and chalk it up to being bullied...