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10-25-2011, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Chronos
There is nothing to indicate any of those 1 nacelled ships are canon. A fan's cgi model, of what he thinks or wants a destroyed ship from a very blurry screen shot from an episode to look like, is not canon.

It's nothing more than fan fic.
Actually read the whole matter?

Those ships were there in those episodes.
The renders are based on pictures taken by the SFX team that built them for the episodes.
Problem is we lack large number o views for several of them.
Some of theose pics like that of the New Orleans appeared in the Encyclopedia along with a short article about the ship and there are several background interviews about the ships on the site with Okuda.

Also why would they go through the trouble of building a multi coloured image that explains which parts were used to build them for the episode?

And let's not forget an imporant thing:

Cryptic can't use some random fanfic BS (CBS would not allow it) yet the Cheyenne is in.
What does that tell you about the supposed non-canon status of those ships?