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10-24-2011, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by Cormoran View Post
I wonder what effect the free to play transition will have on those agreements. They could change with no product to sell.
Yeah, or the entire thing could be BS. I'd wager that the agreements conferred exclusivity for the items, and Atari negotiated the rights back for the ones they thought would actually sell, but the only rights that actually returned to Cryptic were the Classic Constitution.

The Classic Connie being in the Tribble C-Store makes me a little dubious of this rumor as a whole, since, if it were accurate they wouldn't be able to sell that at all. And, it wouldn't surprise me if the Borg BO is simply missing from the current tribble server because of some balance concern. When I transferred my main over, his borg engineer and preorder items came across fine.

That said, the Classic Constitution in the Tribble C-Store may actually be a DIFFERENT ship, using assets they already had in the game. I've no way to check, but, the ship has a different name, and I read somewhere it has green (as in uncommon), not blue phasers.

Originally Posted by Dangerous_Daswe
If they can't sell the original versions, they could always make something similar. If F2P is going to be a success they'll be releasing a lot of packages, they may introduce the complete DS9 pack containing various weapons that only appeared on DS9 like the TR-116, a Bajorian phaser, the Dominion bladed weapon (can't remember the name) and a few other things like the type 10 shuttle from the Defiant.

That would open up so make other packages as well for Ent, TMP, TNG, VOY (if we must but i did like the type 9 aerodynamic shuttles)

But that's me thinking out load, and my flame suit is engaged just in case.

Any other ideas people?
In the case of the TR116, I believe I read somewhere the Devs weren't particularly happy with the weapon being in the game at all, because it opened up exploitation in PvP. As for the others, I've no idea. It could still land them in hot water, if they're offering something that's a deliberate knockoff of something someone was promised exclusivity on, they could still get sued, though if anyone cares enough to, would be a fair question.