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Originally Posted by meowkittensmeow
OK, i've been poring over forums and data for nearly two weeks now. Got a build together, at least i thought. In the beginning it was working out very well, but now that i'm RA5 it just feels like i'm hitting with wet paper. I went with a drain/torp build. But i seem to have a lot of heals, and no umph. I'm not looking to top charts, but i'd like to feel a little more useful. My heals hit for low, and my drains feel like they don't do anything.

It looks like i could do a lot, but unable to do anything well. Please, i could use a better build. Looking to be the big pain in the butt in pvp, but decent in pve with either dps or support. Only playing one character, so it needs to be able to do both pvp and pve depending on what my fleet is up to. Mostly space stuff.

Please for the love of God, if i see any message that says, "There is no best, pve is anything you want and get by" crap, i think i'm gonna scream and chalk it up to being bullied...
Everything works in PvE. :p

Except not everything works equally well and fast. If you want to breeze though PvE and blow up ships left and right, your best choice is Escort. 2 EPTS, 1 hazard Emitter, 1 Transfer Shield Strength, 2 Cannon Rapid Fire, 1 Beam Overload III or Torp Spread III, Attack Pattern Beta and/or Omega, Tactical Team, and ships will explode everywhere around you and you'll deal with most damage.

NPCs are boring. They don't use many powers. Science powers are interesting, They wreak havoc with the enemies ability to defend himself with powers, allow you to ignore or remove his buffs. Unfortunately, boring NPCs don't need those interesting features. Sure, Charged Particle Burst removes the same amount of shields against NCPs and Players. But players harden their shields with Emergency Power to Shields. That raises their effective hit points - except against shield drains. So cool to use against PCs, just a bit of extra damage vs NPCs.
Scramble Sensors makes healing difficult for player ships. NPCs don't use healing powers often enough for it to matter.
PCs move themselves into position to unleash powerful barrages of DHCs against you and run when pressured. Tractor Beam is cool to keep them out of your arc and give them no easy way to run. NPCs trigger Evasive maneuvers and Cannon Rapid Fire so their aft turrets can plink against your EPtS-hardened shields, so Tractoring them is not very relevant.
Subnucleonic Beam removes all of the 8+ strong buffs a player ship has on himself to buff his damage and resistances. It also buffs the two to three marginal buffs an NPC uses at best.

I think that should have reminded us why relying on science in PvE can be a little disappointing, despite it totally ruling the PvP metagame.

But back to what can you actually do to make combat go faster?

1) DPS still rules vs NPCs. So put your power into weapons.
2) Use only the minimum amount of science skills that you need to keep your ship in shape.
3) Maximize the number of science skills that inflict damage or help you inflict damage.

Possible builds:
4 Beam Arrays, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher, 1 Tri-Cobalt Launcher, 100 Weapon Power

Tactical: Tactical Team I, Torpedo Spread II
Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields I and II
Science: Tractor Beam I, Polarize Hull I or Science Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Hazard Emitters II, Tachyon Beam III, Photonic Shockwave I, Charged Particle Burst III

Consider using an Aux-Battery to temporarily improve your Auxillary power when PSW and CPB become available. When you put a hole in your enemies shields with beams and shield drains, get close with your ship (< 3km), tractor him, PSW him, fire the Tric so he can't intercept it as he's stunned.
Use Photonic Fleet often, especially against the enemies heavier ships (Cruisers and Battleships, SPheres and Cubes) that usually take longer to take down.

Beware that this build might suck in the future when Cryptic implements its Tri-Cobalt changes.