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10-25-2011, 02:23 AM
Shield-ripping MVAM build:

This is my go-to build for running dailies and other PvE farting around on my sci captain. Load 3x Tetryon DHC up front, 3x Tet turrets out back, and a Harg Peng'h to round it out. It works great against everything but Borg. Since you don't need many survival powers in PvE, just go with all out damage, and kill things before they can touch you. This won't match a Tac/escort for raw, all out DPS, but it should make things go plenty fast.

If you don't have an MVAM, you can do fine in a Fleet Escort. You won't have TBIII, but just take a standard escort tac BOFF layout, set max weapon power, and blaze away. Bottom line is that for PvE, there's no reason not to fly an escort, no matter what your class. For engineers, the Fleet Escort is the best cruiser in the game, and for Sci, the MVAM is the best science ship you can get.