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10-25-2011, 06:58 AM
I believe I read somewhere that CBS has already Quashed the Niagra and Freedom as potential ships for the game. The reason for that I don't know, but apparently they're right out.

In terms of them in relation to the "rules"

I always felt the "2 warp-coil per nacelle" thing was a bit of a cop out, to be honest. We have several examples of ships capable of traveling at warp speed without obeying those rules, or indeed, even using any obvious nacelles at all. (most famously these guys, these guys and of course these guys)

I always assumed the dual Nacelle design was just the most efficient, and so the one most commonly used by the major space powers. (Federation, Romulan, Klingon)

We also only saw those single & triple nacelled ships once (not counting the Galaxy-X, which was probably just Q's imagination gone wild, or futuristic tech outside the classic definition of warp - i.e. "warp 13") wrecked at the battle for Wolf359.

That says to me they were probably prototypes experimenting with variations on the standard 2 nacelle configuration. Likely revisiting earlier failed experiments (the infamous Saladin/Hermes & Ptolemy classes that showed up on monitors in the background in ST2) to see if new technology could overcome the flaws in the design. They may have been mothballed or still being experimented with when the Borg showed up, and got rushed to the front lines to try and stop the Borg, leading to their destruction. (and possibly the end of their experiments)

Now, all that having been said, I do like the looks of the Freedom & the Challenger (though the Niagra I could take it or leave it) and would not object to them getting in game if CBS ever changed their mind.

As far as warp engines having to "see" eachother across the hull, that rule was tossed when Defiant came out.
Actually the Defiant doesn't break that rule. The bottom half of the nacelles extends out below the ship, so they have 50% visibility across the ship's belly.